ValerieMy name is Valerie Smith and I have been a dedicated lover of the canine species throughout my life. I live in New Zealand, a beautiful country where dogs are able to enjoy the open countryside, while those living in the cities are kept under strict control by Law.

It is my belief that dogs, and most other animals, have intelligence far beyond what they are often credited for and that correct training administered to the animal, together with patience and understanding from the owner, will result in a rewarding lifetime relationship with all members of a family.

Although I’m not a professional dog trainer, I have studied carefully the professionalism of Doggy Dan and his program, Theonlinedogtrainer.com, and I believe that there is great value available to any owner of a dog, or dogs, by accessing Dan’s dog training program, either short or long term.

The choice, of course, is yours but if you do venture into Theonlinedogtrainer.com I feel sure you will enjoy what you find.