Learn to be Pack Leader of Your Dog – He Expects That of You!

be pack leader of your dogLearn to be pack leader of your dog as this is vitally important to both you and your dog. Dogs, by nature, work in packs and your dog will be comfortable and happy to respond to you knowing that you are his pack leader.

Dogs look for direction from their owner. If you do not lead your dog in the right way, he will take over the role of pack leader. So do yourself a favor and don’t let this happen or you will lose control of your dog as well as lose your dog’s respect.

Knowing how to be pack leader and strong in making decisions about all training of your puppy or dog will be of huge benefit towards the relationship between the canine member of your household, yourself and all members of your family. Be clear on what you expect from your dog and make sure that you do not give him confused directions, or orders. Owning a dog that understands his or her role within a family makes for years of happiness for everyone involved.

What You Need to Know to be Pack Leader of Your Dog

At all times keep focused on the fact that your dog is canine and, therefore, your puppy or dog is not able to deal with confused messages or signals. I have seen dogs get anxious because they haven’t understood what was expected of them. When this happens the dog has been seen as being aggressive, or just simply a difficult dog to manage, when in fact the problem has been due to the owner or person responsible for the dog at that time.

If you are a first time owner of a new puppy, both you and puppy have a lot of learning and bonding to do. This should be an enjoyable time for you both, as well as a time for you to start teaching puppy that you are the pack leader and that he must do as you command. You can do this in a calm way by gently teaching puppy what you expect in the way of behavior.

Of course, a young puppy will be playful and excitable at times but you can still gently teach correct behavior expected by you.

No doubt you will quickly find out that your puppy is not concerned about your household possessions and will most likely be interested in things such as chewing the leg of a chair, the new lounge cushions or the latest magazine yet to be read. Not to mention your new hat or cap. Be sure not to leave it in easy reach of puppy! I can talk from experience on this one!!

Some of a puppy’s behavior can be frustrating for a new dog owner, but it is your role as pack leader to teach your puppy, in a quiet and calm way, about what he can and cannot do in your home, and what you expect of him. With kindness on your part, your puppy will learn quickly.

It is vitally important that you have patience with you puppy and that you do not cause him or her anguish by harsh leadership. A puppy that is treated harshly will not have respect for his pack leader and will grow into a troublesome dog if he suffers torment.

Puppies, as well as older dogs, need firm but kind training and with such training, they will respond to their pack leader with loyalty and respect,

Learn to be Pack Leader and Stop Your Dog from Taking on the Role

Dogs worldwide, and dogs of all breeds, have their way of checking out who is their pack leader.

To make sure that your dog does not take on the role of pack leader, you need to put the following into practice:

  • Barking to warn you of what your puppy or dog considers to be dangerous. When this happens, in your role of pack leader you must keep calm and have complete control of the situation.
  • When you are out walking with your puppy, don’t allow him to pull on the leash. Make him walk beside you in an orderly manner. Doggy Dan has a great video that teaches how to get a dog to walk correctly on a leash.
  • The way you greet your puppy when you come into the house is important. If puppy is over-excited at seeing you and won’t calm down, then the best way to deal with his rowdiness is to ignore him, but that can be hard to do. Again, the correct way to deal with an excited dog can be seen on video by Doggy Dan.
  • As your dog is not the pack leader he should be able to relax when you are at home. Don’t expect your dog or puppy to stay alert 24/7 as that means that he is the pack leader on duty, and not you. Your puppy needs his complete rest as much as you and other members of your household need your rest.
  • Finally, as you are the pack leader, be sure to train your dog to walk behind you. For example, when you are going through a doorway make sure that you walk ahead of your dog.

These are just some of the more obvious pointers that need to be observed as pack leader.

Doggy Dan is a professional dog trainer of many years experience and I highly recommend that you take advantage of watching his training videos.

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