Leash Training a Puppy – 6 Tips to Make It Easy

Leash training a puppy can be a challenge if you let your puppy take control.  Patience
is needed when training a puppy to walk leash training a puppyon a leash. Training him the right way from the start will bring early results, with both you and puppy walking happily together.

When leash training a puppy you will need to have patience and understanding of your puppy’s reaction to seeing you with the leash in your hands. Without a doubt, your puppy will get excited and probably jump at you, or turn around in circles making it hard for you to get the leash on to his collar.  As far as puppy is concerned, it’s all on. He can’t wait to get outside to have fun. Good behavior is the last thing puppy is thinking of.

Puppies, as well as older dogs, get very bored when they are confined for hours at a time. They really do enjoy a walk out in the open and that is perfectly natural, but it is also a much better experience for all if leash training is done correctly from the start.

Leash Training A Puppy is Easy When You Are the One In Control

One of the most important things about leash training a puppy, or an adult dog, is teaching them to understand that you are the pack leader 24/7, and that they must respond to your commands.

Your dog, or puppy, must be made to understand that you are the one in control, and that you are making the decision on where he will be walking on this outing. It is essential to train puppy to understand that he needs to follow your commands, otherwise he will be pulling on the leash and making the walk tiring and miserable for both of you.

Follow these 6 Tips for Training Puppy to Walk on His Leash

  1. When you take the leash in your hand and puppy starts jumping with excitement because he knows that something good is about to happen, quieten him down with a pat and assure him that he will go for a walk when he is calm.
  2. If puppy continues to be excited walk away from him and do not make any eye contact. He will eventually relax and calm down.
  3. You may need to repeat this process two or three times before he realizes that jumping at you won’t get him anywhere.
  4. Eventually you will have puppy on the leash ready to go for a walk. It’s likely that puppy will want to start off in a direction opposite to where you intend to go. If this happens, make him stay beside you and keep him quiet for a minute before you start moving in the direction that you want to go.
  5. Your puppy must walk beside you; he must not lead the way by walking in front of you, nor should he walk behind you.
  6. Adjust the length of the leash so that your puppy has no choice but to walk beside you, and keep that leash length for the entire walk.

In no time at all you puppy will get used to walking beside you, and that’s the way his behavior will remain when he walks with you.

Be sure to make walking with puppy an enjoyable experience. Let him explore a little while he is out, as this time should be a pleasure for you both.

When leash training your puppy it’s important to remember that you are in charge, and that your puppy’s behavior will be as good as your leadership.

The correct puppy behavior training will give both you and your dog years of pleasure together.

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