Review of Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Program

Review of Doggy Dan's Online Dog Trainer, owned by Doggy Dan, is the most comprehensive online video dog and puppy training program that I have experienced.

Doggy Dan’s vast experience with training dogs has made him to be not just an ordinary every day lover of dogs who trains dogs well, but an expert professional dog trainer and behaviorist of many years experience who actually gets into the minds of dogs.

Dan understands how a dog thinks and his expertise in this skill comes through clearly when watching the videos of Dan working with and training dogs of all breeds.  And, not only is Doggy Dan’s training for the dog, it is also for the dog’s owner.

What Doggy Dan Teaches in His Video Training Program

  • Doggy Dan puts emphasis on the need for a dog owner to be patient and calm when training their dog, as conveying stress to a dog causes the dog to be fearful and unresponsive to the training.
  • Owners learn how to understand their dog and how to prepare for possible situations before they actually happen.
  • Importance of the owner learning to be the Pack Leader is strongly highlighted in all areas of the training and instruction on how to act as Pack Leader is detailed in the videos.
  • Puppy training:  Dan has made a video diary of his puppy, Moses, from the day of bringing him home at 8 weeks of age.  There is so much valuable training in this diary; not just the usual obedience training, but so much more.
  • In total, Dan has made more than 120 videos of his expert dog training. From these videos you can learn dog training relating to the everyday problems that arise when owning a dog. Dan has left no stone unturned. He knows exactly what makes a dog behave in certain ways and how to correct that dog’s difficult behavior.

Other Behavior Issues Dealt with by Doggy Dan

  • Aggression
  • Biting
  • Barking at front door
  • Barking when dog home alone
  • Jumping up
  • Jumping on furniture
  • Separation anxiety
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Running away from home
  • Not coming when called
  • Fears and Phobias

Plus so much more.

Doggy Dan knows exactly how to overcome any problem dog behaviour.

Membership Bonuses

  • Forum: In addition to the video training, Doggy Dan’s program includes a Forum where members can get personal help from Dan to correct their dog’s behavior. Members have the option of providing a video of their dog’s behavior for Dan to view and provide corrective training advice.Additionally, members can socialize on the Forum about the behavior of their dogs.
  • Weekly Video Updates: Members can download these videos and keep them for their personal use when training their dogs and puppies

Doggy Dan’s Method of Training

Dog Training videosTraining in the course is by online video with the majority of the viewing being real life situations. In fact, almost all of the training is by viewing what is naturally and actually happening in the life of a dog, or several dogs, at the time of recording a training video.

The Online Dog Training program is the only video-based training website with a proactive endorsement from the SPCA (NZ Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

Doggy Dan’s program is precise. Dan explains in each video exactly what a dog, or dogs are doing and what outcome is expected from the training.

Seeing actual improvement in a dog’s behavior is exciting and provides the knowledge that any dog can be obedience trained when the owner is educated in the correct management of his/her dog.

Doggy Dan explains the social reaction of one dog to another and the reason for each dog’s behavior to one another. Behavior such as this is often not understood by people untrained in dog obedience, but Doggy Dan’s professional leadership and explanation of the behavior of the dogs is of great assistance in understanding why our dogs react in certain ways.

Benefits of The Online Dog Training Program

There are many benefits gained from this dog training online program as explained above.

Additionally, a great benefit of this program, as I see it, is having the videos available online 24/7. Not only does a dog owner have a resource that provides the opportunity to become expert, almost to the level of the professional dog trainer, but it is an instant reference in the event of some unexpected negative dog behavior. There is no delay in finding a solution to an unforeseen problem.

Should you not be a lover of learning by means of video, the program provides written information of “Important Points”, “Q & A” and danger in regard to the wrong food for dogs, spaying and neutering, plus health and diet.

Disadvantages of The Online Dog Training Program

The only disadvantage of this online dog training program that I can see is if a dog owner does not have access to the internet for viewing the videos.

Watch the video below to see Doggy Dan’s approach to dog training.

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