Separation Anxiety in Dogs – Learn How to Deal With This Problem

separation anxiety in dogsSeparation anxiety in dogs is an unpleasant experience that a large number of dogs and puppies suffer from when they find themselves completely alone.

No matter whether a canine pet is a puppy or an adult dog, or whatever breed of dog, many dog owners find they are dealing with severe dog separation anxiety with a new canine pet, although they had not experienced this problem with a dog or dogs previously owned. The fact is that some dogs suffer from separation anxiety to different levels, while other dogs do not experience this problem at all.

As the owner of a dog that suffers with severe separation anxiety,  it is our responsibility to understand what our puppy or adult dog is experiencing when they realize that there is no-one nearby, and that they are alone. It seems that the dog goes into ‘panic mode’ but it’s not hard to understand the extreme loneliness our dog is feeling, and maybe frustration that the area they have been left in is restricted.

Reasons Why Dealing with Severe Separation Anxiety  in Dogs Need Urgent Attention

  • When a puppy or dog becomes aware that there is no-one else at home they may set up a howl, or barking, that can drive nearby neighbors crazy.  The last thing anyone needs is to get on the wrong side of our neighbors because of our rowdy dog.  Just because we love our dogs it doesn’t mean that our neighbors love them too.
  • Then on the home side, our puppy’s or dog’s loneliness may cause him to rip into the nearest piece of furniture or furnishings and cause chaos in the home. That too is something we don’t need.
  • Can we really blame our animal for that destruction? I don’t think so! It is unkind, if not cruel, to expect a dog or puppy to cope with hours of loneliness when we know that they are prone to severe separation anxiety. As pet owners, we need to provide adequately for everything that our pet needs, including a solution to their anxiety problems.

In saying that, with our busy lifestyles such as being away at business throughout the day, and young ones at school or college, there is little else we can do other than to leave our canine members at home alone. So this leaves us with having to find a remedy that will help our puppy or dog to overcome this severe anxiety of being at home alone.

How to Help Overcome Severe Separation Anxiety in Dogs

There are remedies that can be used to help a puppy or dog overcome their anxiety of being separated from their owner, and in severe cases of anxiety it is important to look at what is available to help our pets.

Some of the more obvious solutions are to:

  • Take your dog for an early morning walk so that he/she is well exercised before your leave home for the day.
  • When you are leaving home, don’t look your dog in the eye and don’t give him a pat.
  • Try leaving your dog alone for short period of time, extending the length of time until your dog gets used to the idea that you will eventually return home.
  • Provide your dog with toys and make sure that the toys are where he/she can get to them during the day. Toys that your dog loves to play with are a comfort to your dog while he/she is at home alone.
  • When you get home at the end of the day, make sure that you reward your dog with pats and cuddles and tell him how pleased and proud you are of him. This may be a good time to give some treats to your dog.

Depending on your dog’s temperament, these measures may be enough to solve the anxiety separation problem that your puppy or dog is currently experiencing.

But if you are dealing with severe anxiety separation,  and your dog doesn’t respond to the steps as listed above, then it will be in your best interests to look for other solutions.

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