Learn How to Stop Puppy Barking Unnecessarily

stop puppy barking unnecessarilyHow to stop puppy barking unnecessarily is a skill that most dog owners need to learn quickly, although a puppy’s barking has much to do with their breed which is something to be considered when deciding on adopting a new puppy.

Each breed of dog has it’s special characteristics which appeal to dog owners, and prospective dog owners, for varying reasons. It’s wise to find out information about different types of dogs before choosing your pet, as how much barking is acceptable by a dog owner may depend on the home where the dog will live, both inside and outside the house. While some dogs are placid and not so anxious to make themselves heard, there are many breeds of dogs that think it’s their job to control their property, including the entire neighborhood, and this is when you can find yourself in urgent need of learning how to stop puppy barking unnecessarily.

A puppy that barks constantly, or at least frequently for no good reason, can cause agitation to its owner, the entire family, as well as a neighborhood.

Consequently this is a behavior that needs serious consideration as to how to deal with the problem.

Let’s Find out Why Your Puppy is Constantly and Unnecessarily Barking

Before learning how to stop puppy barking unnecessarily it’s essential to look for reasons why this puppy is barking at any one particular time. We also have to remember that in spite of the irritation or agitation we suffer, a puppy’s natural way of communication is barking.  So where do we go from here?  What do we look at to remedy this concern?

  • Is the barking to do with his/her breed?
  • When is the barking a problem?
  • Does it occur mostly at home?
  • Does it happen inside the house?
  • Does it happen outside of the house?
  • Does puppy bark when visitors arrive?
  • Does he/she bark when on an outing with you in the car?
  • Does puppy bark when you are having a conversation with someone – either directly or on the phone?

There are many different reasons for a puppy wanting to express himself, or herself, and barking is the easiest way for puppy to get attention.

Some puppies are feistier than others, and a feisty puppy will be ‘on the ball’ so to speak, and bark more often than a placid puppy. A puppy is usually extremely possessive of its owner and watching every move its owner makes. A puppy is on the alert all the time and even if you think your puppy is asleep, don’t be fooled – he is tuned in to your every move.

Establishing the Role of Pack Leader

Be clear on who is the Pack Leader.  As owner of your puppy, it is expected that you are the Pack Leader.

Before you can train your puppy not to bark unnecessarily, you must learn the role the Pack Leader. This is absolutely essential; your puppy will not obey you until he understands that you are in charge and that he must obey your commands.

Dogs are pack animals and it is natural for a dog to look to its leader for direction. Watch how any dog responds to its owner and you can tell straight away whether or not the dog has a strong Pack Leader.  If the Pack Leader, in other words ‘the owner’, is strong, then the dog will be well behaved and will do exactly what is expected of him, or her.

A dog has respect for a strong pack leader and shows great loyalty to the pack leader that has trained the dog well.

Moving on as Pack Leader and Learning How to Stop Puppy Barking Unnecessarily

Once you are confident in the knowledge that you have trained your puppy to understand that you are the Pack Leader, you can then move on with training him not to bark unnecessarily.

A very important point to remember is – do not yell at your puppy when he is barking as that will cause him to bark harder and longer. Your puppy wants to obey you and if you yell at him he will become confused and the end result will be that he barks even more.

So, in knowing that you are now a competent Pack Leader, when your puppy barks without reason, look him in the eye and firmly command him to sit. This might take some effort but if you persist with your command your puppy will, in time, sit.

Once your puppy is sitting, then command him to stay. He may object to ‘staying’ and want to move away.  If so, command him again to sit. Continue your command until you get the result of your puppy obeying you.

Your persistence with training your puppy not to bark when you know that there is no good reason why he should be barking, is the only way you can handle the situation.

Puppies often bark just to get their owner’s attention so be particular about the kind of attention you give to your barking puppy.  If you can’t calm him with the action described above, then ignoring him will let him know that his behavior is not acceptable.

The Use of Treats with Training a Puppy

Using treats is a help in training your puppy, but give him a treat ONLY when he has obeyed you.   Definitely do not give him a treat for bad behavior.

Also, praising your puppy for good behavior is great. Do not praise your puppy for bad behavior.

As mentioned above, there are many reasons for puppies to bark and if your puppy’s barking persists it is wise to get help.

Take the Guess Work out of Training Your Puppy to Stop Barking Unnecessarily

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