Train Puppy to Sit When He Hears Your Command

train puppy to sit

Train puppy to sit is a skill you will need to learn if you are looking to become the owner of a new puppy, or perhaps you have already taken on the responsibility of being a new puppy owner. Either way, congratulations on your interest in being part of the canine world!

If you are the new owner of a puppy one of the first things you will want to do is learn how to train puppy to sit on command.

Of course puppies are playful and having fun together is hugely important for both you and your puppy, but along with that fun needs to be positive training.

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One of the most important steps in early training is teaching your puppy to sit. Until puppy learns how to respond to your command to ‘sit’ it will be challenging to move on with other training. So, I suggest that you put all your training efforts at the moment into learning how to train puppy to sit on command.

Learning to Sit applies to Dogs of All Ages

If your new pet is past puppyhood he or she should already respond to the command to sit. However, if your new dog is not responding then it is appropriate that you train him in the same way as training a new puppy to sit.

So whether your new canine companion is a young puppy or an older dog it is essential that they are trained in how to sit and that they respond to your command. Only then can you move on with more advanced dog training.

Examples of Times You will be Thankful that Puppy is Trained to Sit on Command

Once you have a puppy or dog in your home you will find that there are many times throughout a day when you want your puppy to sit and be quiet. Such times could be when someone knocks on your door. The first thing your puppy is likely to do is to rush to the door and probably bark at the excitement of something happening. On such occasion you will need your puppy to respond to your command to sit.

Another time you will need your puppy to respond to your command to sit is when someone opens the door to leave the house. Your puppy will no doubt think that this is a great time for him to escape and explore. Hmmm…. not a good idea; just think what mischief he can get into if he runs loose through the neighborhood!!

Your meal time, or even snack time, can be a challenge with an untrained puppy as he will, no doubt, think that it is time for him to eat. It can be hard when you see you puppy’s pleading eyes focused on you in the hope that he will get something to eat too.

It is Not Kind to Spoil Your Puppy

I know from experience that if you give in to spoiling your puppy by letting him have food when you are eating, you will be in for a battle to change his behavior. It is much kinder to, right from the start, refuse food while you are eating. Look your puppy in the eye and tell him ‘no’ and command him to sit. It’s all part of the training of having an obedient dog.

There are lots of occasions that you will need your puppy to sit depending on the activity in your home. Therefore it is wise to make an early start to train puppy to sit.

The Best Approach to Train Puppy to Sit

  • Find a quiet space for just you and your puppy to be together; make sure that there will not be distractions. This will help to keep your puppy’s attention focused on you and your training.
  • Take time to talk to your puppy to let him know that you are happy with him.
  • Treats are important when training puppy so make sure you have a supply close on hand.

When You Feel Puppy is Ready for Training

  • Stand in front of your puppy with a treat in your hand
  • Make eye contact with your puppy for about 5 seconds
  • Hold the treat higher than him so that his head goes back and his mouth is facing upwards towards the treat. His seat will go down towards the floor.
  • Now tell puppy in a positive way to ‘sit’
  • When you say ‘sit’ you may need to put your hand on his rear end to make sure that he is actually sitting.
  • Once puppy is actually sitting give him the treat. Also give him lots of praise and tell him how good he is, along with some pats on his back.

Giving puppy plenty of praise will make him feel good and help him to quickly learn how to sit on command.

Repeat this same training a few more times at this first session.

Try to fit in another ‘sit’ training session on the same day. In no time at all, your puppy will sit when you command him to sit.

Make sure that all training sessions are happy times for your puppy as that will help him to learn quickly. Be patient with him as he adjusts himself to his whole new world within your family.

Be sure to show respect to your puppy at all times and he will reward you by being a loyal and loving companion.

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